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Writing An Effective Research Paper On Why Homework Is Bad

Is homework bad for students? According to some teachers, it could be the case. The classical approach to educations demands that the students complements his/her lessons with assignments but, is that the optimal way to study? Nowadays, we live in a constantly changing world where being able to adapt oneself to the conditions is more valuable than being able to learn huge lists by heart. For instance, do we still need to memorize the rivers of out community having maps on the Internet? This is a really controversial point to discuss in current education.

Why is homework bad?

There are two main reasons why assignments could be detrimental for a student's learning process: excessive work volume or lack of coherence. Some teachers send too much homework so that students have a lot to do after lessons. However, is doing more necessarily better? It could be negative for some teenagers to have such a large list of exercises every day! On the other hand, if the assignments are unconnected, the student may lose the track of the course. In other words, homework should follow a study plan. Otherwise, assignments may fail to serve their purpose.

Alternatives to homework

So, if students didn't have assignments, what would they do? There are some alternatives to this educational approach. Some experts finds autonomous learning to be more efficient to out current needs in life. It is undeniable that managing information is a useful skill at the present. The amount of data that flows on the Internet is larger than some years ago and it keeps increasing. Therefore, learning how to research using nowadays tools – including gadgets and the latest technologies – is what student should learn at school.

Becoming autonomous

One possible step in education methods is to focus on making students learn by their own. This is already a reality in some universities. Could we have high school students do the same? What about children in attending primary school? Currently, we count on resources that didn't exist a few years ago, it is time to get the best out of them in the educational sector.

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