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Research Paper Writing Hints: Creating An Introduction

Writing a research paper involves many steps. From investigating a topic to editing for the final draft, there are several steps that students need to master. In order to successfully complete the project, the steps need to be done in a particular order because they all build upon each other. One of the most important steps is creating the introduction. Here are some hints to help you master the beginning stages of the writing project:

Use an interesting hook. Whether you are writing a research paper or you are writing a timed essay, you need to know how to craft a hook or lead. There are several styles that students like to use. The best advice you can get is to pick one or two styles that you like to use and use them for every writing assignment. Here are a few suggestions:

  • - Question(s): Beginning with a rhetorical open-ended question will get your readers thinking. Just avoid using a yes-or-no question because it can give your reader the opportunity to stop reading. Some instructors prefer that their students use a series of three questions.
  • - Challenging statement: This is usually an opinion and it is meant to get the reader’s attention. The statement can be heavily biased and controversial.
  • - Quotation: If you choose this technique, you should start with a famous quote or a quote from a famous person. Be sure to cite the source of the quote.
  • - Anecdote: People love stories which is why this is such an effective technique. Your story should be short and sweet, taking no more than three or four sentences at the beginning of the paragraph.
  • - General statement: This is a factual way to begin an assignment. You simply write a factual sentence that offers general information about your topic. The details come in the body paragraphs.

Provide background information. After you have written the hook, you should present some background information so your reader can see the connection between the hook and the thesis. This section of the paragraph should include at least three sentences.

Write the hook. The last sentence of the opening paragraph should be the thesis, which is the controlling statement of the entire project. This sentence should include everything the reader needs to know what you will be proving and how you will go about getting the job done.