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Basic Hints For Creating An Outline For A Good Research Paper

A research is basically a long project that needs a lot of time to gather information. Multiple resources are explored in the process to avail as much data as possible. After adequate brainstorming, a good writer will craft a coherent preliminary plan for the entire project before embarking on it. A good schematic plan should adopt five key areas: that is, the title page, introduction, the body, a conclusion and the reference. The following elementary hints are important for a beginner and for an experienced writer for revision.


This is a very crucial step for any art of writing. It entails gathering all the necessary stationary such as the writing materials, research books, magazines and journals. After you have them at your disposal, sort them out depending on how agent you will require them. Read all the resources and jot down important ideas in a lucid manner.

The title page

This is basically the first page of your sketch. It should entail the running head aligned at the top right corner, page number, the name of the author and co-authors if necessary and the title aligned at the center. Ensure that you adopt the appropriate format. It is also important to adhere to the instructions given by your lecturer.


This is the opening paragraph of your work. It should clearly call attention for the thesis, which is the central idea which you want to develop in the body of the text. Moreover, it is advisable to employ an enchanting tone to keep the reader’s interest in your work. Do not use complicated words or counterpointing statements as these will confound the reader.

The body

This forms the major part of your writing as it carries the biggest load. It should entail multiple paragraphs developing the thesis. The leading sentence should be weighty and be supported with adequate evidence and relevant examples. If your project demands that you support both sides of every given idea, show out a clear counterpoint.


Review all the points you have talked about in the body. This is also the ideal place to point out your stand basing on the given ideas and also to give recommendations. A conclusion should cover a single paragraph with concise and captivating paragraphs.

Reference and citations

Refer your readers to your source of information for further reading and confirmation. The books should be relevant to the topic.