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A List Of Excellent Research Paper Topics On Down Syndrome

Introduction: Down Syndrome Can Be A Great Topic For Any Type of Paper

Down Syndrome can yield fascinating research papers. One can take an argumentative stance on this disease, arguing that more should be done now to either prevent Down Syndrome or to help children or adults who have it. Or, one could take the informative approach, if you are assigned an informative essay, and inform your audience about down syndrome with one of the focus topics below. Analytical essays would analyze certain aspects of Down Syndrome, certain approaches to treating it, diagnosing it, or the disorder as a whole.

Fantastic Research Paper Topics on Down Syndrome

  1. Down Syndrome and Hearing Loss in Children
  2. Down Syndrome and Chromosomal Disorders
  3. Down Syndrome and the Chromosome 21 Defect
  4. The Effects of Down Syndrome in Children
  5. How Down Syndrome Affects Parents of Down Children
  6. Adult Down Syndrome: Helping Individuals Cope With Down in Adulthood
  7. Mental Retardation and Down Syndrome: The Different Striations
  8. Diagnosing Downs: Issues and Complications
  9. The Development of Language in Children with Down Syndrome
  10. Brainstem Response in Children/Adults with Down Syndrome
  11. Art Therapy and Down Syndrome Children and Adults
  12. Music Therapy and its Benefits for Adult/Childhood Down Syndrome
  13. Craniofacial and Orofacial Anatomy and Their Relation to Hearing Loss in Children and Adults with Down Syndrome
  14. Genetics and Down Syndrome
  15. Myths about Down Syndrome and Alcohol Use in Mothers
  16. Myths About Down Syndrome
  17. Methods of Treatment for Down Syndrome Adults
  18. Group Therapy and its Benefits for Down Syndrome Patients
  19. What are Some of the Most Effective Medical Treatments for Down Syndrome
  20. Autism and Down Syndrome: Real Facts
  21. The Special Dilemma: Families with Down Syndrome Children
  22. Siblings of Down Syndrome Children: Helping them Cope and Accept
  23. Trisomy Down Syndrome and Its Effects on the Patient
  24. Mosaic Down Syndrome and Its Effects on Children
  25. The Types of Down Syndrome and How They are Unique from One Another

Elements Necessary to Write a Great Paper

A great research paper requires all of the following elements to be successful:

  • A clearly stated thesis
  • Research from respected journals and books
  • Proper in text and works cited entries
  • Clear topic sentences that reinforce the thesis statement
  • A strong introduction that gets the reader’s interest
  • A great conclusion that sums up all you’ve said and says something new.