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How To Come Up With Psychology Term Paper Topic Ideas

Are you thinking of how to come up with great psychology term paper ideas? At times it may seem like coming up with a great idea for an academic paper is a greater challenge than conducting the actual research and the writing. Luckily, there are numerous great places where you can find inspiration for term paper topic ideas.

Before you can begin searching for a topic for your paper, it is important to first consider the requirements or guidelines that your instructor has established. In some instances, like in a general psychology course, the instructor might give you the option of choosing any topic in the broad field of psychology. However in some other cases, like in a developmental psychology course, the instructor might require that you write a paper on a particular subject such as developmental behaviors.

General Topics in Psychology

General psychology courses usually cover a broad array of topics. Due to this reason, you have a wide selection of subjects and topics to choose from. In this case, you should begin by selecting a general topic and narrowing down your focus so that you can cover the subject sufficiently.

Issue Papers

One of the great places to get some ideas for a general psychology term paper is an issue paper. You can find several issue papers that have been written by other scholars in the past. Alternatively, you can decide to tackle a current issue in the field of psychology. Some of the interesting current issues include, parity or uniformity in mental health care, and the role of psychologists in police and military interrogations.

Profiling a Famous Psychologists

Alternatively, you can look for a previously written profile of a famous psychologist and see how a profile is written. In your own paper, you can then select a famous psychologist and write a profile about him/her. You can choose to explore the person’s life, career achievements, contributions in the field of psychology, and theories.

Psychology Experiments

Another way to come up with great topic ideas for your psychology term paper is to explore some famous psychological experiments. You can write a paper on some classical psychological studies such as the Stanford Prison experiment, or the Milgram Obedience experiment.

Psychological Disorders

The other option you can explore in order to come up with topic ideas for your paper is to consider some psychological disorders. You can choose to explore a particular psychological disorder from the numerous psychological disorders that have been studied in the past. These include, personality disorders, eating disorders, and phobias.