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Great Research Paper Topics About Video Games To Review

A well-prepared research project includes an extensive amount of planning and exploration, keeping in mind the constraints of time and presentation. It also includes the choice of a good topic, which can be anything of your interest. An unconventional topic of interest for a research could be on the prevalence of children’s video games on which one could concentrate on its aspects for review. Video games are often marveled at; some might consider them as a means of violent recreation. Since, they do have an effect on children, one should be to address a research paper on the sociological and political aspects of video-gaming, for which topics might include

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  1. The designing of video games and its ability to create electronic worlds: 3-D Animation, artificial intelligence and interactive nonlinear storytelling.
  2. Controversies in the field of video games?
  3. Gender stereotypes, the role of video games in gender stereotyping and the changing gender base at a customer level.
  4. The effect of video games on children personality development/adolescent behavior and what could be the steps taken to remedy it. Do they make our children sociopaths?
  5. Are video games a healthy diversion from daily activities or do they teach violent behavior to the players?
  6. What effects do video games have on our thoughts? Have they desensitized us to the ongoing violence in our present society?
  7. The role of parents of taking an interest in video games. Should they ignore them or prohibit them entirely?
  8. Violence and obscenity as dominant features of today’s video games. Is there too much violence and vulgarity that needs to be considered by video game programmers?
  9. Have video games inculcated a sense of virtual reality in us? How do video games use actions and words to influence both conscious and subconscious behavior in us?
  10. The influence of video games on economy. Are they increasing rapidly, and what could be their reasons?
  11. The journey from PONG to PlayStation and Beyond: New Ways of Technology in Video Games.
  12. Can video games be used to develop a film and media studies approach to the society?
  13. Do video encourage healthy competition between the players?
  14. Can certain video games actually be good for one’s psychology?
  15. To Play or Not to Play: Video Games.

All of these are extremely interesting topics and can be worked on easily with the help of the Web and one’s own experience. Since the debate regarding video games is a modern one, options on both sides should be offered in the research paper. The conclusion should be left open to the readers so they can weigh on both the options and take a decision.