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How To Come Up With A Topic For A Research Paper On Child Abuse

This topic is considered a hot button among the writing world. Any paper that can bring out emotion in people like this topic is excellent subject material for research papers. Coming up with a topic for this subject matter can be somewhat difficult because of how broad the topic is. Here are some guidelines to help you find a topic for your report.

  • - The first thing you may want to do when trying to come up with a topic is to brainstorm for ideas. Set the timer for 60 seconds and during that time write down as many topics that you can think of on the subject of child abuse. The minimum number of topics you want to come up with is 10. Once you have gotten to that number you can stop.
  • - Do this quickly so the first things that come to mind will be what you are writing down. Take those 10 topics and begin to research them. Eliminate the ones that don’t have much information. You will want to do your report on something that has plenty of information so you can find interesting information. Try to narrow down your choices to 5 or 6 of them.
  • - Once you are down to 5 or 6, take a look at them and think about who your readers will be. Try to eliminate a couple of them that are outdated, exhausted with so much information, or boring. Try to get rid of a few of them that may be not along the same subject matter you are studying. Your reader must be interested in what you are writing so get rid of a few of them that they may overlook. Try to narrow your list down to 3.
  • - Lastly, take the three topics that you have left and decide which one you are personally most passionate about. The more passionate you are about the topic, the better job you will do on your research paper.

This is the process that has worked for many students because it gives them a process by which they can find their topic. Once you have the topic, half of your work is done. Now all you have to do is research, create an outline, create your rough draft, have someone else read the paper, and then create your final draft. Good luck and make your report great!