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Best College Research Paper Topics: 20 Ideas From A+ Students

Writing a college paper is not an easy task. There are loads of avenues and topics to choose from and sometimes you might face trouble in understanding which subjects will appeal to your professors and which ones are too mundane. You should consider various topics and host brainstorming sessions with your peers in order to arrive at a topic that you know will capture the attention of your audience. Consulting the research ideas presented by A+ college students is also not a bad idea.

Important Ideas to Consider

  1. Discuss the conflict of culture in the realm of globalization. What sort of strategies are applicable for successfully creating a presence in a new foreign culture?
  2. . Explore the major issues affecting Human Resources in modern times. Do you think the corporations of today are patronizing their employees or adopting a more responsible approach towards them?
  3. Establish a new leadership model for the current state of business, adding several elements of existing theories and models of leadership.
  4. Methods to identify shareholders in companies that are non-public in nature.
  5. Explore the relationship between governments and business.
  6. Try to outline the contemporary history of epidemics stemming from viruses. Be sure to carry out thorough syudy about the known facts related to the emergence of dangerous viruses in society.
  7. Highlight the relation between physical wellbeing and emotional stability, and in the process, give evidence that suggests how the two factors are connected or otherwise.
  8. Try to find out if there are gender foundations in the field of behaviour and psychology that are not properly discussed due to cultural conditions.
  9. Is sexual orientation of an individual impacted by the modern culture? Can orientation be free from the trappings of culture and society?
  10. Conduct research on the way the Medieval idea of humours dictated behaviour and character. Try to connect contemporary theories related to causal factors in the field of individual psychology.
  11. How do the past beliefs about dementia and madness pertain to present ideas about mental illness?
  12. Chart the Barbarian overtaking of Rome across the centuries.
  13. Compare and contrast the Eastern and Western practices and ideals of kingship.
  14. Explore the impact of Romanization on the ancient Celtic people.
  15. How was papal power used as a political and military device in the 15th century?
  16. How was England transformed by the coming of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century?
  17. Trace the events leading up to World War I.
  18. Can the Bible be studied in literary terms, devoid of religious importance?
  19. Discuss any controversies surrounding the authorship of Shakespeare.
  20. Find out how violence gained popularity in Reformation drama.