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Picking Up Interesting Topics For An Early US History Research Paper

This short tutorial letter has been tailored as an inspirational guide to assist high school and college students who have been assigned to write about the subject, have a keen interest in early United States history or are specializing in this period as part of their History Majors studies. It does so by offering practical methods towards sourcing these topics which must be interesting for others to read and encourages students further by providing a short list of ideas as well.

Practical methods

  • Substantiate and define early US history – You need to be clear on your timelines. You need to discern at which point US history actually began. Unless you have been restricted by way of assignment instructions, you can decide and argue your case for early US history.
  • Reading and research methodologies – To get to such definitive stages, you need to complete a good body of research and reading work. To make the process a little easier and less time-consuming, you can rely on the internet to define your specific timelines. Do remember, however, to cross-check and reference these significant dates for consistency and accuracy.
  • The Smithsonian Institute and other US history institutions – You give your work gravitas by using these institutions as your point of departure for your future work.
  • Broadening the investigative scope with peer reviews – Go to those academic institutions specializing in history reviews and look for new angles from which to read and write from.

A shortlist of ideas

  • You can now start the journey before the first pioneers arrived – It would be marvelous if you could suggest a narrative on the nation’s Native American pioneers.
  • Travel with the early East Coast pioneers – Going with conventional history does your study work no harm.
  • Washington and the history towards independence – Try and study the founding documents and find your own source of inspiration by focusing on clauses and/or statements which are pertinent to you as a citizen.
  • The founding fathers and the Constitution should provide you with interesting clues on early history to assist you with founding your own, original and insightful paper.

This short guide dealt, in the main, in two key areas. Firstly, it provided practical methods for picking up interesting topics for an early US history research paper. Secondly, it assisted indecisive students with a short list of ideas to begin with.