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Selecting A Good Topic For A Term Paper For College

The instructions to choose a topic for your term paper may appear confusing. You have no idea where to start or what a good topic means. It may sound easier when you have been given a list of topics to choose from. On the other hand, it gets complicated when you have no list and are expected to select a topic from anywhere. Do not panic. Here is a guide to ensure that you end up with the best topic.

  • - Be Creative- creativity means avoiding the common topics. In case you have to write on a common topic, find a new perspective that is more compelling. You are required to make the topic so interesting that a person will want to read the essay to the end. Let it capture the attention and imagination of anyone who comes across your essay.
  • - Be relevant- choose a topic that shows your understanding of emerging issues in the area you are writing about. It means getting a fresh title for your essay. Watch news items, read the latest books, journals, watch documentaries, etc to get the latest in your target area. Your topic should resonate with your reader.
  • - Be specific- when selecting a topic for your college term paper, ensue that it sets boundaries for your ideas. A reader should have a clue of your extent of coverage by simply looking at the title. Specific means that it should show what is included and what is excluded. Every reader will have a clear picture of what to expect.

Here is a list of topics to consider for your college term paper

  1. Should companies and work places provide mandatory exercise activities?
  2. Governments should set profit margins to prevent over exploitation by companies
  3. Since there is a minimum wage, there should be a maximum wage
  4. What is the cause of road rage considering that the perpetrators are normal individuals away from the wheel?
  5. Parents do not have a responsibility to censor the books or videos their teenagers read and watch
  6. The electronic age is causing a speedy decline in the value of historical artifacts
  7. Nothing can justify any war
  8. Advertisers should be made more responsible of their words and messages
  9. Global warming is just a repetitive cycle that cannot be reversed
  10. Religion should be made a totally private affair
  11. Beauty contests are responsible for low self esteem among teens
  12. Social media is making people less social and more reactive