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Choosing A Good Topic For A Research Paper In Nursing

Students who study nursing are often surprised to find out that they have to write a few research papers before licenses and certifications are awarded. They often have trouble trying to come up with an original topic to research and write their assignments about. If you also need some help in choosing a good topic, consider one of the useful ideas below:

  • - Study safety issues.
  • Nurses regularly face plenty of various risks, including health-related risks when their patients carry highly-contagious diseases. Analyze what should be done to address these issues.

  • - Learn more about the nursing hierarchy.
  • Nurses also have a hierarchy and it often takes a while to climb the ladder. You can write about promotion within the nursing field, reward policies, and attracting newbies at lower levels.

  • - Investigate the differences between the branches of nursing.
  • It is well-known that some branches of nursing show more growth opportunities than others. You can focus your paper on how such a situation affects wages and compensation packages.

  • - Find out the strategies for handling emergency care patients.
  • You can study what strategies and procedures are used to ensure patients receive the care they need. It also makes sense to find out what kind of emergencies nurses often have to deal with at work.

  • - Write about multigenerational teams in the workplace.
  • Nurses often work into their later years, so it is not surprising that in many hospitals there are multigenerational teams. Focus your research on how they handle communication issues.

  • - Compare the duties of nurses and primary care providers.
  • Your assignment can highlight the differences between nursing training and the training required to become a primary care provider. You can also mention what similar goals these professionals have.

  • - Evaluate the stress levels in nursing placements.
  • Your research paper can be based on interviewing trainees and nurses. Consider questioning them about duty timings, the late hour work shifts, and seeing people dying. Remember to make a note about how they cope with this stress.

  • - Think about how nurses work with patients with communication problems.
  • Nursing involves plenty of communication. Nursing patients with communication issues is a challenging task. Write about what tactics nurses use to communicate with such people.

  • - Describe how nurses cope with returning to the profession after a period of absence.
  • Returning to nursing after a gap of some years can be frustrating because of a feeling of insecurity or the lack of knowledge. Try to come up with a few strategies that can help nurses cope and feel assured doing their jobs.