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Outstanding Research Paper Topics On German History

German history is filled with engaging, interesting stories from the past. Beyond writing about World War II, students can find a number of different topics in history to discuss. From the Peasants' War to medieval Germany, students can think of new, interesting research paper topics for their class. To get started, students can use the following ideas.

Think About the Topic

Before choosing a topic, students should read through the writing prompt carefully. Often, teachers will have an exact topic or idea that they want to discuss. If the class is on medieval German history, students cannot write about Adolf Hitler. To make sure that the research paper is on the right topic, students should read through the prompt and follow the instructions exactly. Afterward, the student can sit down and begin brainstorming potential ideas. Later on, this brainstorming list can be narrowed down to an exact topic.

Outstanding Research Paper Topics on German History

  1. How has Germany's opposition to the Iraq War affected United States and German relations?
  2. What was the Peasants' War and how did it change the course of history?
  3. What was Germany's place within medieval Europe?
  4. How has the perception of World War II and reconciliation changed in the decades since World War II?
  5. How did identity, women and family roles cause the making of a Jewish middle class in Imperial Germany?
  6. How has the relationship between the United States and Germany changed over the last 300 years?
  7. What role did the United States play in post-war Germany?
  8. What role did Germany's Cold War play in isolating East Germany and increasing Cold War tensions around the world?
  9. How did Germans resist Hitler? What types of people and techniques were involved?
  10. How have the Hapsburgs played a role in German history? What role do they play today?
  11. What occurred at the Berlin Olympics of 1936? How did global coverage change the attitude of the world toward Germany?
  12. What was the Congress of Vienna and how did it have an impact?
  13. What role did Catholicism play in the religious identity of Southwest Germany in the 1500s?
  14. What was the Franco-Prussian War and what was its lasting impact on German history?
  15. What were the accomplishments of Frederick the Great?
  16. How did President Wilson and the League of Nations try to prevent another World War?
  17. Discuss the German Unification of 1871.
  18. Who was Charles V and what role did he play in German history?
  19. How did the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand lead to World War I?
  20. What countries did Germany colonize? Why was Germany never a colonial power like England?
  21. What were the driving forces behind the Holocaust? What did the average German know about this event before the end of the war?
  22. Who was Otto von Bismark and what role did he play in German history?