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Components Of A Quality Research Paper On World War II

Writing a research paper on World War II is a challenging, yet fascinating experience. This type of work cannot be done in a hurry because you need to take some serious steps to create a well-reasoned and interesting piece of writing. At the same time, you have a unique chance to act as a true historian and deeply explore the past in the area of your interest.

How to Organize Your Research Paper

Your work on World War II should be carefully laid out and consist of certain essential components. The choice of components depends on the length of your paper, specific formatting rules, and your teacher’s requirements, namely:

  • A lengthy piece of writing is likely to include a series of smaller sections while a short academic project will just consist of paragraphs.
  • As any other history paper, your work should be arranged in compliance with MLA formatting rules and follow the structure suggested by the Modern Language Association.
  • Your teacher will also prompt you how to arrange your paper properly.

Whatever specific requirements you should meet, remember that your project on World War II should have three basic structural components that are common for all types of academic writing.

Three Main Parts of a Good Research Paper

  • Introduction
  • In the introductory section of your paper, you should:

    • present your World War II-related topic (e.g. a specific military operation, person, the role of a particular country in the war, etc.)
    • give some background information (e.g. provide possible interpretations of the topic)
    • explain key terms
    • provide the structure of the following argument
    • state your thesis
  • Body
  • This is the part where you should discuss your argument, provide the results of your analysis, and prove your thesis. Depending on the length of your project, the body may consist of a set of chapters (like method, results, and discussion) or just paragraphs (presenting your main points in topic sentences and supporting them with relevant evidence from credible sources).

  • Conclusion
  • This final component of your academic paper on World War II should effectively wrap up the argument by restating your thesis and summarizing your main points. Your conclusion should also explain why the issue is important in a broad perspective and prompt possible ideas for further research in the field. For example, if you analyze the causes of World War II in your project, remember to explain how the knowledge of the past can help avoid similar conflicts nowadays.