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Writing Tips: What Are The Five Parts Of A Research Paper?

While writing a research paper, you should be perfectly clear about the layout. Interestingly, while you may have pertinent points up your sleeves, the entire effect can be neutralized if you don’t make an effective presentation.

The stylized way is to follow the template and stick to the basics. Now, you have to pay attention to the 5 most significant segments of such a paper. Here you go

  1. The Methodology – This is the most significant part of the paper. Your assertions, your opinions will all be proved through the methods you entertain and adopt. You cannot afford to talk loose air; you have to concretize your views.
  2. The analysis – This segment follows the methods. Here, you dissect your findings that you have managed through your Methodologies. Needless to say, you have to be precise with your analyses; whether it is an opinionated topic or exact science. You have to analyze through various standpoints especially if it is an opinionated topic.
  3. The conclusion – This is where you envelope all you have written in the preceding segments and try to give your paper a direction; a liberation so to speak. Here you affirm your assertions and give the reader something to chew about. Here you tackle the topical theme with an iron hand.
  4. The Introduction – While this is the initial part of the paper, it is written at the end. Here, you place your defense for your choices. You also suggest why you made the choice and what are the pertinent problems ailing the theme you have chosen. You also need to give an elaborate background sketch for your paper. This section and the Abstract lay down the ball on the court.
  5. Reference and Appendix – Here, you align all your references in a distinctive format style. This gives the readers an idea of the labor you have put in and also assure him that the paper is authentic. The Appendix page offers the footnotes, tables and other tertiary affairs. These pages appear at the last of the paper.

An emulative paper

Together, these five segments constitute the research paper. It depends on your perspicacity and diligence whether the paper will be emulative or just another mediocre fare. You need to invest your passion and earnestness into the paper and also introduce freshness and uniqueness.

It is necessary to be well-read about the topical theme. You should gather as much information as you can and corrode the topic through different perspectives.