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10 Good Topic Questions For A Research Paper On Laws Related To Bullying

When it comes to writing a great research paper on any subject, one must choose an original and interesting topic that will compel the reader and make the writer enthusiastic to study the topic thoroughly. Here are a 10 good topic question for a research paper on laws related to bullying:

  1. Do you think parents should be held responsible for their children’s actions when another child is made a victim to bullying at school or in public where there is no supervision?
  2. Should students responsible for bullying be held responsible and punished in some way, for instance face suspension or a loss of academic standing, in order to help curb or correct behavior?
  3. How effective are the current campaigns (online and television) countering bullying on teenagers? Do you think the campaigns send the right message or do they do more harm than good?
  4. Is hazing a form of bullying? What are the most common forms of hazing at different levels of society and how do they affect the way society views the laws related to bullying?
  5. How has cyberbullying affected the way people write laws concerning the communication of information over the web? Do you think there is a violation of freedom of speech?
  6. What should anti-bullying programs incorporate in terms of information that can reach a wider audience of people of a certain age? For instance, do high school students learn as much about the negative effects of bullying than do middle school students?
  7. What are the traits of teenagers who bully others? Is there any evidence about whether or not there are predisposed physiological characteristics that determine if someone will be predetermined to bully others?
  8. Why do students bully others and how do they differ from one another? Does this pose another challenge in terms of developing an effective program to instruct students form bullying others?
  9. How does bullying or the threat of it affect learning in children? Are students more or less likely to achieve academic success if they are victims of this behavior? Provide examples and research information to support your claims.
  10. How effective are parents’ actions and instructions in preventing their children from bullying others in school or in the public where there is no supervision? Do you think there should be more efforts made to instruct parents how to prevent this from happening?