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How To Create An Effective Outline For A Research Paper In The APA Format

This article will explain how to create an effective outline for a research paper in the APA format. There are different ways on making an outline for papers. These contain some minor and major differences on how each are made. These outlines are set up to guide the writer through the process of the order the paper is written. The more organized it is the easier it is to flow through the paper. Be sure that each outline you build is under the correct layout. This also shows you pay attention to detail.

  1. 1) Write down the topics and ideas you will be writing about. You will need to create headings for any information that concludes each heading. This should be done until it flows easy from topic to topic. All topics should relate to the main heading.
  2. 2) Use roman numerals and letters. Sometimes you will be ask to use the decimal system. Use Roman form of number for main ideas and letters for the sub-ideas.
  3. 3) There are four crucial points of the outline;
    • a) COORDINATION- this is making sure all the information carries the same quality as the other headings.
    • b) PARELLELISM- all headings should be equal in appearance, style, and language. This is done by using different words that mean the same thing.
    • c) SUBORDINATION- means headings consist of general information, and sub- headings are more specific in their information.
    • d) DIVISION- this is where you divide each heading into two or more sections. Try to combine some of the meanings.

It also tells you how to format the headings for settings, type of boldness, and upper and lower-class headings. It informs you on the font, page header, quotation use, and information that goes on each page including the cover page. How to indent, and not to use quotation marks. Knowing this information can help you tell some of the differences in the several formats that are available. Having knowledge of these different styles will make you pay more attention to details. This can be a valuable step in your quest to becoming a well- rounded writer. Practicing this format will help you be smoother and quicker at the construction of your paper. Repetition makes for a disciplined piece of work. You can get help online if you need more assistance on how to create an effective outline in the APA format.